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Going Further

Books (nonfiction)
Gail Dubrow with Donna Graves. Sento at Sixth and Main: Preserving Landmarks of Japanese American Heritage. Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, 2002, distributed by the University of Washington Press.

Josh Sides. Los Angeles City Limits: African American Los Angeles from the Great Depression to the Present (A George Gund Foundation Book in AFrican American Studies) University of California Press.

Daniel Widener. "'Perhaps the Japanese are to be thanked?' Asia, Asian Americans, and the Construction of Black California." Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique. Duke University Press, January 2003. with Review and Excerpt.

Lisa Loomer. Broken Hearts. (1999)

Nina Revoyr. Southland. New York: Akashic Books, 2003.

Top of Their Game. Director and Producer: John Esaki. Producers: Karen L. Ishizuka & Robert A. Nakamura. Editors: John Esaki & Veronica Ko. Japanese American National Museum

When You're Smiling: the Deadly Legacy of Internment. Written and Directed by Janice D. Tanaka.


The Studio for Southern California History

A People's Guide to Los Angeles

The California African American Museum

Japanese American National Museum

Los Angeles Conservancy

Southern California Library for Social Studies & Research

Cornerstone Theater

Bowling Gone Bye-Bye

Wisconsin Stories: Kenneth Koji breaks bowling barriers

Roadside Peak/Preservation Alley

Los Angeles Public Library

Space Age City